How To Use This Blog

This is a (constantly updating) attempt at explaining the blog. Use the menu at the top of the page (the three horizontal lines for mobile) to get to the QUICK FIND section, that’s the fastest way to get to an overall table of contents for this blog.

If you don’t see a scramble/hike/or backcountry ski review you’re looking for, head to the Related works Category, which contains tons of excellent articles on scrambles and skiing, just written for a different website, and still, all free. Between this blog and the related articles section, I’ve got a lot of pertinent outdoor info to share for Colorado.

Differences in User Experience

For Laptop/PC/MAC: There are a few easy ways to navigate the site on a laptop or PC.

  • The Categories column on the right-hand side of the posts. Using the guide to content below you should be able to find what you’re looking for based on interests.
  • Below Categories is a section called The Goods, which has each post in order of date posted.
  • Below The Goods, is the photo section. It needs updating but will eventually contain a nice gallery of glorious nature shots obtained over the years.
  • Finally, at the very bottom of the page is another section where recent posts are listed.
  • Send me a message if it’s complicated, still learning.

For Mobile: Categories/The Goods/Photos columns aren’t to the right, they’re like waaaaaaaaaay down at the bottom, so I will attempt to optimize the “Quick Find” menu option at the top to include Post Titles and hyperlinks to the content. Should be a quicker way to get to where you want to go, but will probably open up another tab.

Intro and Guide

Finding Timo is composed of self-reflection, humor, and outdoor adventures (summits, ridge scrambles, backcountry skiing, etc.). So far, I have entries in a few general categories, humor, outdoor adventures, and In Retrospect. I am toying with a Photos addition to these, but have yet to pull the trigger. Each category has numerous subcategories as well.

Humor: The world is a wonderful place and sometimes it’s best described using humor. I use this section to pull errant thoughts, experiences, and observations to create engaging and funny (I think) articles. They are majority PG-rated with occasional curse words thrown in, mainly for effect or characterization.

Outdoor Adventures: I live in Boulder, Colorado with my wife and have been in the state since 2015. I LOVE THE OUTDOORS. This is quite a large category that can be subdivided a number of ways. Recently, I’ve been focusing on the category “Beyond 14ers”, but this will change as often as the weather.

  • Beyond 14ers: Colorado has 53 official mountains that top 14,000 feet, (it’s over 60 including sub-peaks and yes, they do matter). I finished this challenge in 2018 and have been trying to refocus on what I can do next, I settled on scrambles. A “scramble” is the vague official term used to describe any peak or ridge that requires all four of your limbs to aid in movement and your brain to pick the best route. THESE ARE NOT BEGINNER HIKING TRAILS. This is also NOT the section where creative writing comes out, these are intended as practical bits of advice and route descriptions to aid those looking to continue exploring Colorado’s hidden corners. I use the YDS system to rate climbs and live comfortably in the 3-4 range with occasional forays into harder territory. I hope that this section becomes a source of knowledge for intrepid (and capable) adventurers looking to lose the crowds, and engage the mountains.
  • Backcountry Ski Adventures: This category has a few entries so far but is filling up fast. Backcountry and sidecountry runs are ski runs that are located outside of established ski resorts; therefore, the risk/reward is often much greater. Do not attempt unless you have the proper backcountry training and ski experience. I just finished an entire year of backcountry turns (at least one per month), so content is being added!

In Retrospect: This category will commence with a multi-part story (labeled as Part 1, Part 2, etc.) about my arrival in Colorado and the years I spent building trails and ski instructing there. The time period for this category is roughly early 2015-late 2017. Over time, I’m sure I’ll dig up other nuggets from my past but the In Retrospect category is, for now, dedicated to remembering how I got to Colorado and what I did when I arrived.

Photos: Still toying with how to set this one up but I have LOADS of photos from the various places I’ve lived, including many outdoorsy ones. I will most likely divide the photos into Colorado 14ers, non-14ers in Colorado, Blue Ridge photos, Roadtrip Photos, and International Photos. Stay tuned for this one!

Related Outdoor Articles: I’m also a freelance writer contributing to the site SkyblueOverland. Visit the Related Outdoor Articles tab on the top banner of the home page to find a list of articles I’ve written, each linked to the contents on the SkyBlueOverland site. Have fun and be safe out there!